Your image is a combination of thoughts, feelings, opinions and visions people have about your company, your products or your services.  It’s what others think and feel about you, not necessarily and solely what your marketing and sales materials say. Your identity in the marketplace reflects your company image.  Two companies might have a similar image, but what sets you apart from a competitor creates your specific market identity. The attributes of a company that differentiate you from other companies is your market position. Image and reputation are closely related, but to understand their differences is to recognize how they compliment each other.  You build an image.  Your reputation is something you gain over time through your actions.



Harris Communications has a cohesive team of industry associates who bring specialized expertise and resources to our clients.

Scott Harris
Founder & President, Harris Communications

...charming, seasoned, a consummate professional,
Scott collaborates with clients to produce communications campaigns that work. He has 20 years of experience in marketing communications, public relations and media strategy…with a natural talent to seamlessly integrate and promote identity/positioning components to further brand your company...


Consulting Associates:

Sheliah Gilliland Reynolds


...savvy, intuitive, results-oriented, Sheliah is committed to creating and implementing strategic communications and media plans to give you a head start on your competition and keep you in the minds of your target audience...


Jennifer Chavez

...sharp, diversified, well-spoken, Jennifer will get to the heart of who you are and what’s at the core of your organization to raise your profile. She has strategic outreach expertise and creatively adapts your words into effective and compelling messages and content…


Jim Chesnutt

...adventurous, tenacious, compassionate, Jim has traveled the world as a journalist, photographer,   videographer and spokesperson for government and private agencies. He has been responsible for  coordinating public information, media relations, community outreach, congressional relations and intergovernmental affairs for more than 30 major disasters…



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