Your image is a combination of thoughts, feelings, opinions and visions people have about your company, your products or your services.  It’s what others think and feel about you, not necessarily and solely what your marketing and sales materials say. Your identity in the marketplace reflects your company image.  Two companies might have a similar image, but what sets you apart from a competitor creates your specific market identity. The attributes of a company that differentiate you from other companies is your market position. Image and reputation are closely related, but to understand their differences is to recognize how they compliment each other.  You build an image.  Your reputation is something you gain over time through your actions.


Whether you need a strategic communications vision, marketing or public relations program, or internal communications support, we have a multi-disciplinary solution for you providing any or all of these components.

Strategic Branding and Marketing Session

Designed to empower you by helping determine the best course in driving your predictable growth. Our interactive framework will assist you in discovering the unique advantages to an integrated marketing and PR approach to more effectively communicate your value proposition to customers. The session provides a comprehensive evaluation of your company's current state and tangible deliverables in the form of a customized brand map and targeted messaging platform.

‘Go To Market’ Preparation

Our Go To Market preparation takes your developed brand identity through an in-depth market opportunity analysis, comparing and aligning the new identity with various critical segments preparing it for launch to targeted audiences.

Integrated Communications Plan

Creating an integrated communications plan organizes your goals and supports the launch of the corporate/product identity using tactical initiatives including: 

  • Message broadcasting

  • Sales tools/support 

  • Creative collateral/presentation materials

  • Web site content and design

  • Public relations programs

  • Traditional media relations (print, television, radio)

  • Social media networking (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • E-marketing campaigns

  • Community/business to business outreach

  • Corporate giving programs

  • Public affairs/government relations

  • Direct mail

  • Ad content and design 

  • Corporate and special events

  • Trade show support and promotion

Campaign Execution and Measurement

Provides support and launch of the created brand strategy and integrated communications plan. This manages and measures the campaign as it moves forward. It involves the implementation and adjustment of all creative marketing and public relations tactics. As we quantify and qualify the results of our efforts, we evaluate activity so we can track and refine our process for continued improvement.                                         

Other Services

Internal Communications

An informed workforce is a loyal and committed one. We help develop messaging and programs that keep employees informed and address issues of interest and concern surrounding:

  • Employee and sales incentives

  • Employee benefit policies and programs

  • Company policy changes

Crisis/Issues Management 

We develop crisis and issues management strategies to be prepared for when, not if an issue arises that requires an immediate response to your industry, the community or the media. This involves:

  • Developing local and/or national communication plans before a crisis occurs 

  • Identifying and preparing company spokespeople

  • Developing an employee communications strategy that quiets the rumor mill and maintains an uninterrupted flow of business.  


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