Your image is a combination of thoughts, feelings, opinions and visions people have about your company, your products or your services.  It’s what others think and feel about you, not necessarily and solely what your marketing and sales materials say. Your identity in the marketplace reflects your company image.  Two companies might have a similar image, but what sets you apart from a competitor creates your specific market identity. The attributes of a company that differentiate you from other companies is your market position. Image and reputation are closely related, but to understand their differences is to recognize how they compliment each other.  You build an image.  Your reputation is something you gain over time through your actions.


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Jennifer Chavez is an accomplished writer, editor, and public relations consultant with 20 years of experience. She started her career at a Denver PR agency, but soon became dedicated to non-profit communications work. Her current and past endeavors involve strategic outreach consulting and writing for a variety of clients, ranging from the 2008 Democratic National Convention to clients in the environmental, education, consumer, health, and alternative energy industries. Writing projects have included annual reports, news releases, web site content, brochures, articles, speeches, and other documents. Her abilities incorporate an extensive range of diversity and style.

Jennifer previously directed national and international communications and outreach efforts for Morris Animal Foundation, a national non-profit that raises funds to improve animal health. She gained exposure for the non-profit’s Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project on Animal Planet, increased exposure through trade publications, and garnered numerous well-placed interviews for actress Betty White, spokesperson for the organization.

Jennifer also formerly served as communications director for the Colorado Energy Assistance Foundation (now Energy Outreach Colorado.) During her tenure, she dramatically raised the profile of the non-profit statewide, leading to a tremendous increase in donations for energy assistance. As a result, the organization’s outreach efforts are now a model for other fuel funds around the country.


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